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Anchoring Your Dock

Once you’ve created your EZ Dock, you’ll need to select an anchoring system to work with your existing piling or your new installation. Our wide variety of anchoring components can accommodate most water conditions and bottoms (deep, shallow, rough, muddy, or sandy) and are simple to install. EZ Dock anchoring products are made from long-lasting, durable materials that can accommodate standard or heavy-duty use. Your local dealer can help you select the anchoring system that’s right for your location.

Stiff-Arm (Heavy Duty)

Pipe Bracket (Standard Duty)

Pipe stand-off bracket

Pipe stand-off bracket

Deadweight Bracket (Standard-Duty)

Deadweight Stiff Arm Combo Bracket

Adjustable Piling Bracket

Piling bracket & Hoop

Gangways for Your Docks

EZ Dock has a variety of gangways for docks to allow you to get to your floating dock. For use with EZ Dock systems or your own existing dock. Our gangways are designed to get you out on the water faster.

Gangway (Aluminum)

Gangway (Polyethylene)

Gangway Roller Kit

Transition Plate

Available in three widths: 3’, 4’, and 5’.

Abutement Kit

Transition Kit (Polyethylene)

Wooden Gangplank Mounting Kit

Plank Gangway (Polyethylene)