OUR GOAL is to help our Dealers succeed!

EZ Dock of the Midwest is one of the world’s largest Distributors of EZ Dock Products, proudly serving authorized Dealers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. As a Master Distributor, our goal is to provide our Dealers with the uncompromised support in:

  • Corporate Training –EZ Dock Dealers are typically offered annual factory training by the EZ Dock Corporation. This 3-day training class is a combination of class-room instruction, hands-on training, and on-the-water sessions designed to teach Dealers about the full line of EZ Dock Products. In training, Ad-Hoc teams compete in both classroom and on-the-water events, all designed to give Dealer a jump-start in selling, installing, and servicing EZ Dock Products. Training sessions include:
    • Product Offerings
    • Factory Tour
    • Technical (design / construction)
    • Installation Methods
    • Marketing and Sales Support, including Competitive Analysis
  • Local Training – EZ Dock of the Midwest offers local hand-on and on-the water training to our authorized Dealers. Just call, and we’ll make arrangements.
  • Technical Support – EZ Dock of the Midwest, with the backing of the EZ Dock Corporation, provides knowledgeable technical support to its Dealer network. We have years of experience in the dock business, and are happy to provide the support you need, from product selection to layout assistance. We offer computerized dock layout/design services and can even plot C-size and D-size drawings.
  • Product Inventory – EZ Dock of the Midwest maintains a very large inventory of EZ Dock products at its location in Red Wing, MN, along with a fleet of trucks and trailers for fast delivery anywhere in the tri-state area. We also work closely with the EZ Dock Corporation to quickly and economically ship any items we may not typically stock.
  • Sales / Marketing Support – EZ Dock of the Midwest supports your Sales and Marketing efforts by providing professional-grade printed and digital content, so you can make the best possible first impression on your customers. We are also happy to meet with you and your customers on-site and can provide expert Sales and Technical Support.
  • Promotions / Pricing – EZ Dock Corporation offers substantial ‘Pre-Season’ discounts each Fall, and EZ Dock of the Midwest passes those savings on to its authorized Dealers! This is a terrific opportunity to stock up for next season at substantial savings. EZ Dock of the Midwest also offers Cash Discounts or deferred Payment Terms on qualified Pre-Season purchases.

OUR GOAL is to help our Dealers succeed!

Interested in taking the next step? Call Ray at 651-388-8997 for details and a Dealer Application.

Our History

In 1991, after years of battling harsh weather conditions and having to install and remove their wooden dock seasonally, two friends set out to create the ideal dock. The result— the patented EZ Dock System. Today, EZ Dock is the industry leader in floating modular docks, offering a wide selection of dock systems, boat and PWC lifts, and accessories. Combining strength and stability with minimal weight and low-maintenance, our patented designs have applications in both the commercial marine and residential markets.

EZ Dock – Invented right here in the Midwest… and still MADE IN THE USA